My expertise includes corporate videos, branding videos, training and education videos, commercial / advertisement videos, live-streaming, property videos, event videos, travel videos and documentary films. We will first discuss your aim goal for the video – whether it’s for keepsake, social media or your website.

The length and the amount of footage you require will impact the rates. Here are some things that we will discuss about before we start the filming session:

  • What you are looking for in the video?
  • Would you like an add on highlight reel to the video?
  • Is the videography session going to occur at day time or night time?
  • Where would you like your video to be shot?
  • Do you have a preferred style?

Personal Documentary
Milton Arandia Singer Songwriter from Colombia

Personal Documentary
Jazrt Jared Lyell
Spray Artist in Brisbane

Short Documentary
Event: Smiling with Smiddy
Fight against Cancer

Business Promo
Queensland Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists @ Brisbane

Tourism in Australia
Travel Brisbane with City Cycle

Tourism in Australia
Roma Street Parkland

Greece, Athens, Santorini


Tasmania in a Caravan